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Age Appropriate Routine

Tiny Sleep Co supports newborns from 3 weeks of age - 5 years old. This package is a guide that introduces a morning wake time, age appropriate awake times, day naps, milk and solids meals along with your little ones bedtime.

After purchasing this package, Tiny Sleep Co will email your directly confirming your baby/ childs age, once you have been in communcation with Tiny Sleep Co, you will then be provided with your age appropriate routine via email.


*Disclaimer* Routines are a guide for your baby/child, remembering that if you require support with settling or resettling your little one to phase out sleep habits such as: cat napping, evening false starts & early morning rising, you may need to look into further support for a Tailored Sleep Plan or Sleep Package with Tiny Sleep Co. 

Age Appropriate Routine

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