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Sleep Consultation

Sleep consultations provide a scheduled time to go through your baby/child’s needs for sleep and how Tiny Sleep Co can create a tailored sleep plan to achieve your goals.

Phone and In Home Consultation

Tiny Sleep Co offers phone consultations where a tailored sleep plan has been made and a phone call provides an opportunity to discuss sleep plans along with any further questions.

Personal in-home consultations offer one on one hands on support around nap time in conjunction to your tailored sleep plan.

Safe Sleep

At Tiny Sleep Co we take the time to educate families on the importance around safe sleep and that families follow the SIDS guidelines.

Support Through Sleep Regressions

We know that sleep regressions are one of the most challenging developmental stages in your child’s growth. In your sleep plan, Tiny Sleep Co helps you to understand the age regression your child may be going through and how to support you.

Starting Solids

We know that one of the most important developmental stages in your child’s life is starting solids. We ensure that your baby is cognitively ready and showing signs to support starting solids in their diet.

Getting Ready

We know that expecting a baby requires a lot of support and organisation for your babies needs, so let Tiny Sleep Co help by looking at our ‘What to expect when expecting’ package.


Internationally recognised Certified Child Sleep Consultant
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